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Indian Wolf of the D-Street : D-mart owner Damani worth 40,000 crores !!!

D-Mart listing makes Radhakishan Damani richer than Anil Ambani, Rahul Bajaj.

Retail entrepreneur Radhakishan Damani leapfrogged storied business family tycoons to emerge among the top 20 Indian billionaires on Tuesday as investor craze for consumer stocks drove retail chain Avenue Supermarts to the best listing-day performance in 13 years.

Avenue’s shares listed at Rs 604.40, a whopping 102 per cent premium to the issue price of Rs 299. The stock rose as much as 117 per cent to an intraday high of Rs 650, giving the company a market cap of Rs 40,000 crore.

Damani, who joined his brother’s stockbroking business at the age of 32 following their father’s death, built his fortune by buying multinational stocks during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The high point of Damani’s career came when he began shorting stocks owned by Harshad Mehta after they soared during the Mehta-inspired bull run. The astronomical stock valuations convinced Damani that something was wrong. When the market collapsed after Mehta’s scam was exposed, Damani made a killing and a name in the markets as a canny investor.

He focused on MNC stocks and kept an eye out for companies with high-quality businesses that were available for a reasonable price, said a close friend.



When suddenly there was an intuition which was more than a realization that I’m not the only one in the planet.

Creatures come and pass away, live their life to fullest ! 

Fullest ?

Yes,fullest and what are we doing we are just focusing on our wellness not on our mind’s wellness .We dont even bother about our future for a long term issue.

Recently I just came to know about the similarities between the DNA of a Monkey and of a Human Being, there is only a dissimilarity of 1.8% and a similarity of 98.2℅.Can you beleive it , we are only few percent away from the class of those hairy creatures.

What they do ? Do they live their life with stress and keep on relaeasing cortisol daily (cortisol: stress hormone)??

No, they just focus over their life and how to keep it on track.

Coming back to the topic, the Realization is about the change in DNA which is in our hand ! 


Let me explain !!

We live 

We learn 

And we apply 

Just as same as our Brain learns and propels new ideas ,so its in our hand to control our brain and make it do things which are literally not possible while being in a state of cortisol releasing machine.
Remmber one thing

“Success isn’t the fruit that can be eaten straight away , we have to make every possible effort to capture it”


That Mysterious Girl !!

When she waves of her hands,

in the sky

World turns out to be ,

a unknown place to her

She pretends to be,

the one with the biggest smile

But if just,

if u look beneath this smile

there is a more beautiful girl

just sitting in that hope

Someone will make her smile all life long

She calls herself a mystery

which even she can’t unfold

She do believe in perception,

but somewhere she is afraid

past experiences made her

mysterious with all those glitches of memory

that people gave her

But when she is with me she is just different

she smiles like a infant

she behaves like a butterfly

she talks to me like a kid

I know all these are the

mystery that are to be solved to go

deep into her heart ..!mysterious_girl_by_clarae19-d49u37t

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