When suddenly there was an intuition which was more than a realization that I’m not the only one in the planet.

Creatures come and pass away, live their life to fullest ! 

Fullest ?

Yes,fullest and what are we doing we are just focusing on our wellness not on our mind’s wellness .We dont even bother about our future for a long term issue.

Recently I just came to know about the similarities between the DNA of a Monkey and of a Human Being, there is only a dissimilarity of 1.8% and a similarity of 98.2℅.Can you beleive it , we are only few percent away from the class of those hairy creatures.

What they do ? Do they live their life with stress and keep on relaeasing cortisol daily (cortisol: stress hormone)??

No, they just focus over their life and how to keep it on track.

Coming back to the topic, the Realization is about the change in DNA which is in our hand ! 


Let me explain !!

We live 

We learn 

And we apply 

Just as same as our Brain learns and propels new ideas ,so its in our hand to control our brain and make it do things which are literally not possible while being in a state of cortisol releasing machine.
Remmber one thing

“Success isn’t the fruit that can be eaten straight away , we have to make every possible effort to capture it”